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Bellagio Lake Resort


The narrow winding cobble streets which open up to enchanting landscapes with breathtaking views confer a timeless beauty both to Como and the beautiful Bellagio.

The town of Bellagio is known as the “pearl of Lake Como” because its beauty is like a precious jewel.

Whereas the historical centre is filled with classy shops and typical cafeterias, the shores of the lake feature the presence of wonderful historical villas and ancient houses which have been able to maintain their charm over the years. Bellagio is located on the far end of the promontory, where the branches of Como and Lecco separate. Staying in one of the Bellagio Lake Resort luxury apartments or penthouse offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique panorama made up of the mountains and promontory from which the historical Villa Balbianello rises. Bellagio villas may be your best choice if luxury, beautiful scenery, and an exclusive lifestyle appeals you.

The Bellagio Lake Resort offers its buyers technologically advanced and low consumption apartments of different sizes. In addition, these Bellagio homes are bright and with classy finishing. These apartments come with a swimming pool in the garden on the sides of the houses facing the lake and are complete with a beach. On the lake surface opposite the Resort, there will be provided floating and fixed bridges for anchoring and docking vessels.

Lovers of art may visit sacred buildings such as the basilica of Saint James or visit the parks of the most famous villas, such as Villa Melzi and its fascinating sculptures, Villa Serbelloni and the neo-gothic Villa Poldi Pezzoli. The Bellagio Lake Resort and its sweet and peaceful atmosphere will offer you plenty of time for fun during which you may go for walks, cycling or cross Lake Como through water vessels for a breathtaking sightseeing from the middle of the lake waters.

Purchasing a Bellagio penthouse or villas will be the perfect opportunity for our clients, even the most demanding ones, to be fascinated by the outstanding care and attention with which all these Bellagio homes are built: fully equipped with all comforts, private docks, terraces and gardens, garages or cellars built with environmentally sustainable materials which do not alter the surrounding natural location. All these Bellagio homes, villas and penthouse are provided with beautiful terraces or windows which offer a splendid view on Lake Como as well as an unparalleled panorama in any season.

Bellagio homes are bright and with classy finishing

The Resort is located in an area characterised by a series of small single- and multi-family housing units. It is made up of three different lots, as well as the “boathouse lot”, all of which face the lake.

The development, situated in the Commune of Lezzeno, is positioned between the ‘Lariana’ Provincial Road n. 583 and the shore of the lake. It has its own stretch of private lakefront, 180m in length, characterised by a long and enjoyable beach. Moreover, it is only minutes away from one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Lombardy: Bellagio.

The architectural composition of the buildings allows for the special and unique panorama to be enjoyed from all settings. With views of the mountains and the large stretch of water that is overlooked by one the most exclusive parts of Lake Como, in front of the Isola Comacina and the promontory from which rises the historic Villa del Balbianello.

The project has been designed to be as in keeping with the existing appearance of the location as possible. The aim was to create a structure that fits harmoniously into the area’s preexisting architectural fabric and that, above all, becomes an element of regeneration.

The Resort will also have a swimming pool, complete with its own facilities and accessories, positioned in the garden next to the homes, overlooking the lake and private beach.

Particular attention has been paid to preserving the location’s character, drawing inspiration from local tradition, through a rigorous yet simple design of housing units and green spaces that sit harmoniously within their surroundings.

The proposed development has kept factors of sustainability in consideration, both in terms of the materials used and future energy savings. Mindful of issues of energy use, it is foreseen that the building will guaranty optimal thermal performance and energy efficiency. The building’s systems have been designed to obtain the maximum possible efficiency from today’s technology and make use of available alternative energy sources. In fact, the central heating system and production of hot water will use heat pumps that utilise water from the lake. Excluding, therefore, the use of combustibles for heating and cooling.



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